Chris Ball - Bass/vocals              Brother Sal - guitar/lead vocals             Andrei -drums/vocals

The Medicinal Purpose is a sound and a feeling, born of a singular devotion to create and capture emotions through the blues, soul and rock and roll. The band's three members all hail from northern New Jersey, and have been performing separately and together all over the tri-state area and beyond for all of their adult lives. Bassist Chris Ball and drummer Andrei have shared their musical journey since they first picked up their instruments in grade school, learning and growing together to create an unbreakable, telekinetic rhythm section that exemplifies the fruits of years of togetherness. Brother Sal's vocals are a stark, powerful blend of old soul and blues, only made possible by living the life he sings about- truthful and heartfelt. Add in the guitar playing, a rhythmically dynamic style somewhere between T-Bone Walker and Jimi Hendrix, and you have a unique, bluesy rock and soul band that sounds fresh and vibrant, breaking uncharted sonic ground with each new endeavor.